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Buying guide: How to choose a skateboard


Today we will learn (or not) how to choose a skateboard for street or new school. In another post, we will talk about tennis racket, cruiser or longboard , but as they said in Conan the Barbarian “… that’s another story.”

Now let’s focus on the most common and versatile deck, charts street . The choice of a skateboard is a very personal decision and depends on the preferences of each skater about the use we want to give to the skateboard and skate style to practice. Yet there are 5 essential points to keep in mind:

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You are happy that your child choose tennis to improve health condition. When your child starts playing tennis, and until he/she reaches a sufficient level, he/she requires specific racket to play. These tennis accessories are not optional because they enable better learning of the sport. The child tennis racket is one of the first items to be provided to enable your child to play properly. Weight and length are features to consider when making your purchase.



8 Ways to Help Children Get Focused and Stayed Focused


Ways to Help Children Get Focused and Stayed Focused

It is difficult to help a child focus in learning. Moreover, thanks to today’s advanced technology, it can become a huge challenge. For example, a study by University of Washington realized that concentration time of a 7-year-old child has reduced comparison with a toddler. Another study by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) found a kid that knows how to use the equipment and technology will have little negative thoughts.

However, interestingly, they are better at visual space. Doctor of Psychology –  Lucy Jo Palladino said “Technology is produced to help people learn a new way of learning the strengths and weaknesses.” She is also the author of the book “Dreamers, Discoverers & Dynamos: How to Help the Child Who Is Bright, Bored and Having Problems in School” which guides the children to become fully creative and passionate and draws clearly out the forgetfulness.

So, how should parents help children overcome distractions? Here are 8 tips to regulate the focus of children:

Set a good example for children

As Ms. Palladino said, “Kids will do what we do and won’t do what we say.” On the other hand, if you ask the children not to watch TV for hours while your mind is overwhelmed with the phone, children will make similar habits immediately. Therefore, Ms. Palladino has encouraged parents to set a good example for the children.

Reward for concentration

When a child interrupts you, it is natural to direct your attention to them. But this will also be prizes for their inattentive behavior.

Instead, they focus on a certain activity, especially if the child is doing homework, they do not like or find difficult. Let your child know that they perceive and evaluate their efforts.

Help children understand what specific obstacles in life

Psychologists Dr Palladino said “It is important to educate the child about the delay; how important it is, how to try your best and what will be a strong impact on us.” It is essential to teach them to distinguish between avoiding exercise and taking a rest.

It is also very important to help children discover the consequences of such delays such as lack of knowledge, fear of failure, disappointment, shame and so on.

Teach children how to organize

Teach the child to set up the goals, plans, break them into steps to manage and create motivation to finish. You should help children learn to use calendar, to-do list every day, and an alarm clock. It will help them create an organized and rigorous learning space.

Give children a healthy lifestyle

Lack of nutritious food and lack of sleep can reduce the concentration quickly. To concentrate well, children need enough sleep, enough nutrition and daily exercise. The best trampoline for kids is necessary to give children a healthy lifestyle.

Build limitation for children

Avoid encouraging the child to use the technology in his or her spare time. Instead, parents should instruct them on how to use the indoor electronics like television, internet, phone or other devices.

Believe in Children

It is very popular to take a long time to encourage the continued focus on learning. Your children believe in themselves when their parents also believe in them.

Learn the reasons

Sometimes, the loss of concentration is also a sign of a big problem. For example, bullying often happens in the school courtyard or talking occurs on the social networking, which is hidden behind the eyes of adult. Even, it seems to be small issue to add friend on Facebook. It can completely humiliate your children and they will have difficulty in concentrating in school.

So if your child is having difficulty in concentrating constantly, let them have the positive look with what is happening. And remember that today’s children are also facing a lot of new problems and demands.

Hopefully, these methods help children focus and will help a lot in the upbringing of the children. Good luck!