Microwave: Purchase and use

The microwave oven is a revolutionary device that has become indispensable in the kitchen now. As many as 80% of households owned a microwave. The ordinary microwave replacing however mainly thaws and heats are increasingly a multi-functional microwave that simultaneously handles multiple tasks and automatically prepares complete meals. This fact makes the microwave to a very time-saving solution for households in all compositions.

Basic microwave or microwave?

The first question you should ask if the choice of a microwave oven capable of it only to be used for defrosting, heating and cooking or even for extended baking, grilling, and frying. In the first case is a solo base or microwave (conventional magnetron) is sufficient, in the second case is a microwave oven (convection microwave oven) a better choice. When the microwave is in fact combined with a microwave oven and grill, and you can prepare complete meals. You can defrost, then roast and the dish provided with a crispy crust. All functions can also be used separately. Vitamins and natural flavors are better preserved in the microwave.

What is a microwave?

A microwave (microwave oven or microwave) is a device which is blasted around a special microwave tube. Microwaves bring water, fat and sugar molecules in the food in a violent motion. The friction that this then creates heats the food on. A molecule is the smallest particle of a substance that the chemical properties of that substance still fully owns. Because only water, fat, and sugar to participate in this process happens nothing when, for instance, would put in a glass bowl with sand in the microwave, even after hours. Doing the same scale water, it cooks quickly. Microwaves can penetrate 2 to 3 inches in food. Do you want to be then it will not be as good a roll with a diameter of ten centimeters cooked? The heat from the microwave oven by pulling towards the interior but the outer part remains warmer. The roast will therefore not be able to fully yarn. Tableware of porcelain does not absorb moisture and remains cold, contrast, pottery will be warm because the hot food with it can transmit the heat. So you can burn your hands.

How many watts?

A basic microwave oven has a maximum power output between 600 and 1100W (Watt), but this power is only required during a short time. Thawing requires a lower power, higher cooking. Sometimes you need to do some calculations:. If you have, e.g., a microwave of 1100 watts and is based on a recipe of 600 watts you should halve the cooking time around. Combi Microwave ovens consume more power. A built-in grill is soon to 2000W and 3000W hot air function sometimes.

Features of microwave

Microwaves and especially combination microwave ovens have very many features. Typically, various functions can be used at the same time.

  • Defrost. What you do is the device to specify the weight of the food and the microwave automatically adjusts defrosting.
  • Cooking programs. You automatically cook on weighing the amount of food because the device has predefined heating and cooking functions. Those programs are to program themselves.
  • Grill Element. Is a filament mounted to the inside top of the microwave which will glow red? This function is suitable for preparing meat and give a crust to the dish. You hardly need fat.
  • Hot air oven. This is the cooking function of the oven. At the inner rear of a microwave oven are a filament and a fan that heats the room. You can have multiple dishes simultaneously yarn through etagères.
  • Crisp function / Crisp plate. This function creates a brown, crispy base under a pizza or, e.g., An apple pie.
  • Steam. This feature brings water to a boil and keeps it at steam temperature.
    Roasting and rotisserie. Built-in electronics ensure that the crust around poultry or game dishes evenly crisp and brown.
  • Crustplaat. This is holding a metal plate with a coating that sausage rolls, pies, and pizza-ed crisp. There is usually special crust programma’s purpose.
  • Griddle. The baking tray is a blue-like metal plate and has to be placed on the glass turntable after which the heat is reflected at a high temperature, and the turntable is protected.
  • Easy Defrost / Auto Defrost. This is a fully automatic defrosting.
  • Express Cook / Auto Cook. This is a fast and fully automatic cooking function.
  • JetStart. A quick way through only once on the touch is pressing to get the microwave at full power.
  • Parental Control. Turning the knobs no effect on this function.
  • Delayed start. As up to 24 hours before you can set the oven so that the food is ready after your return home.
  • Non-stick coating. This option prevents the microwave is very dirty, especially beneficial when used daily.
  • Grease filter. A grease filter you can remove from the microwave so that it can be easily cleaned. Some grease filters are dishwasher safe.
  • Removable turntable. Most microwave ovens have a turntable that you can remove for cleaning and maintenance.

Microwave Tips

  • When arranging the microwave, that round is enough space for ventilation. Think of 20 to 30 cm for combi microwave ovens and microwaves solo 8 to 20 cm.
  • Place the oven at eye level, so you can look inside to check the food.
  • Place the microwave rather not near refrigerators and freezers. The heat emitted from the microwave, affects the operation and the energy consumption of the other devices.
  • Let the unit warm up with a glass of water before you use. There may be still production residue or protective oil on the parts which are to start smoking.
  • Never put an empty microwave oven.
  • Preheat dishes not too long to avoid overheating. This mainly applies to high-fat products can splash out of the bowl.
  • Do not use wood, metal or paper in the microwave.
  • For eggs using a special eierkookdop to prevent eggs spattered apart.
  • Use large bowls and dishes to avoid stirring easier and cooking.
  • Dishes from microwaves yarn after. So always test first the shortest possible preparation time.
  • Ingredients that are cooked quickly place the best in the middle of the scale and that require more time on the perimeter.
  • Ingredients can all be the best to have the same size. Cuts everything that is larger than 3 cm smaller.
  • Potatoes can punch the best around because the pressure inside the shell can add up.
  • Pasta and rice to be cooked in plenty of water, you can prepare better on the stove in the microwave because of a long cooking time. Reheat leftovers can.
  • Do you ceramics then it is suitable for the microwave if it still feels cold to the highest level after 20 seconds and there are no sparks.
  • Never put aluminum foil in the microwave to prevent ‘fireworks.’
  • Do not damage pottery in the microwave as they may jump due to moisture attraction.
  • Do not use empty cups of whipping cream, sour cream, etc. because of this collapse in the microwave.
  • Airtight liquids Never reheat in the microwave. Always prick holes.
  • To avoid overcooking it only begins outside the microwave (boiling) by cooking put liquid in a plastic or glass spoon.


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