Pain in the legs? Causes and tips for painful legs

Suffer from painful legs is something that can happen to anyone, young or old. In people who are tall and sit or stand still for their profession, can occur in leg pain due to poor circulation. Also, this pain may be accompanied by a heavy, tired feeling in the calves, for example after a long flight. Also, are also more serious causes of sore legs as possible, such as arteriosclerosis or thrombosis through a blood clot. Leg pain can be treated a nourishing balm or cream, which waste materials are disposed of quickly. One of the best tips to avoid aching and heavy legs is to wear an elastic compression stocking. Which allows for stimulation of blood circulation in the calves which occurs less fatigue. What are the possible causes of painful legs and constituting an effective treatment against it?

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Leg pain

Pain in the legs is a condition that can occur in all parts of the population. Sometimes it is a small, transient problem, but there may also be a more serious cause at the base. People can suffer from painful legs when making movements or at rest, and both day and night. Your feet can create a thick, stiff or numb feeling. It also regularly speaks of “heavy legs” or tired legs.

Causes painful legs

Last stand

For the proper functioning of the limbs is a good circulation of vital importance. In idle mode, there is little blood flow in the legs so that the blood as it were, remains stationary. This allows you to take charge of developing painful, thick legs and varicose veins in the long term. Think of a sedentary office the last stop on a musical performance: these are typical examples of situations that can lead to tired, stiff legs.


At overload, the legs can go soreness only because they have exhausted all their powers. If you have the entire exercise a lot and intensively, such as jogging or cycling, then comes lactic acid in the legs. Then you know it’s time to recover and refuel energy, such as sugars and carbohydrates. After the necessary rest will automatically recover the legs and disappears “fatigue pain” itself.

Obesity and pregnancy

Pregnancy is a condition where the prospective mother heel was extra weight develops. This will occur more pressure on the knees and the legs, which may cause pain. The same goes for those who are obese and overweight, painful feet and knees are a sign that your drags too much weight.


Atherosclerosis is a condition where you feel sudden onset pain or leg cramps. The pain may go away after a time. The problem in this case in the legs is caused by a narrowing of the blood vessels.

Nerve pain

Hernia is a condition in which a nerve is pinched in the spine. This causes a radiating nerve pain you may feel up to the calf. This nerve pain can be felt via the back, groin and the leg up to the foot.


In a lack of blood circulation, the blood is too little pumped back to the upper body. Blood must circulate as much as possible because downtime can be dangerous. You can develop a blood clot or thrombus in this way which can cause thrombosis. Thrombosis brings a sharp pain with it and can be life threatening if the clot travels to the heart, lungs or brains.


Treating aching legs

Blood thinners

The primary causes of sore legs, such as a blood clot, require urgent medical assistance. The doctor will prescribe blood-thinning medications and the patient to record any observation in a hospital. These anti-clotting drugs, the blood clot will dissolve the blood circulation can function optimally, and the problem disappears.

Balm legs

Less serious causes of aching feet can usually be solved by massaging your legs with a treatment gel or balm. Thanks to this protective creams become waste products carried away more quickly from the legs, and can the tired feeling in the legs disappear quickly. A short massage can do miracles to increase blood flow. You just do not need a therapist; you can also make your legs rubbing and massaging five minutes. There are different gels, creams, and balms on the market that make for a pleasant, warm sensation in the legs.


Too tight shoes are to be avoided if you want to get sore feet. Too tight pants such as jeans are not recommended, because in this way the circulation is impeded to the legs. Make it a habit of taking note when you buy clothes.

Physical exercise

Sit still and stand still is detrimental to the legs, leading to a dark and very sensation in the calves. Hold regularly to walk around a bit or work out several times a week. It goes without saying that this circulation is stimulated and reduces the risk of painful legs. If you must stand or sit still long, put your feet higher than the rest of your body if possible. Also do regular exercises to strengthen the vein valves in the legs, e.g., On your toes and use your calves.


Painkillers against painful legs can be advised that heavy, painful sensation in the calves disappear quickly. Examples of such painkillers are acetaminophen or ibuprofen (e.g., Nurofen). In the long term, it may be more advisable to proceed more preventive. So you can watch your exercise and possibly wear an elastic compression stocking to promote blood circulation.


Tip: elastic compression stocking

Compression stockings are elastic stockings that support the calves. For this reason, they are also called compression stockings. These socks are excellent for the arteries and promoting blood circulation in the calves. Doctors recommend that person with a history of phlebitis and thrombosis to regularly wear the elastic stockings, but other people have benefited. More and more individuals who travel by plane or car and individuals who have to stop frequently and long wear a compression stocking to prevent tired legs. Also in this office, for example, compression stockings can prevent your legs get sore after a long day. Because your legs are too tired to do nothing, and this without realizing it. A compression stocking reduces the risk of this problem.

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