Prevent Alzheimer’s: the importance of nutrition

Meanwhile, it is known that Alzheimer’s disease can not be prevented, but you can reduce the chance of this. This can be done by mentally to stay active longer, through healthy eating and plenty of exercise. The question then is what is meant by healthy food? It sounds simple, but not everyone knows what healthy eating means. What nutrients do you need and in what quantities?

Mediterranean diet

Good feeding to prevent Alzheimer’s you have to think a lot of fruits and vegetables, low sugar and low in saturated fat and high in whole grains; In other words, the Mediterranean diet. Particularly in Greece and Southern Italy people appear less likely to get sick and live longer than in the rest of the Western countries. Scientists at Columbia University even dare to say that the Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by forty percent.

Every week: fish

To help prevent Alzheimer’s is eating fish, especially fatty fish is important. According to research by Nikolaos Scarmeas, professor of neurology at Columbia University in New York makes a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids for a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s. The advice is therefore to at least twice a week to eat fish and it once oily fish such as mackerel, salmon, eel, herring and sardines. Now, of course, it is not true that every week of fish food is sufficient to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Besides fish chicken also allowed in a healthy Mediterranean diet. It is wise to avoid red meat and organ meats. These two nutrients increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Fruits and vegetables

That fruit and vegetables are healthy, we of course know. In red grapes is resveratrol, a substance that is good for slowing the brains and the brains of aging. This is probably also the reason that occasionally a glass of red wine good for you. Vitamin E is a substance that we often fail to ingest. It’s a lot of kiwis, therefore, this fruit can best eat regularly. In addition, vitamin E is also found in kale, red pepper, and spinach.

Fruit and vegetable variety.

Fruit and vegetable variety.

Yet another reason to eat is that folic acid (also known as vitamin B11), many vegetables protects against Alzheimer’s disease. Folic acid is found in broccoli, green beans, spinach, Brussels sprouts and whole grain products. Eat every day, two servings of fruit and at least 150 grams of vegetables.


In nuts is include vitamin E, so every day a handful of nuts is very healthy. Walnuts are also additional suppliers of omega-3 fatty acids. Consider for example to occasional notes by doing the food as a meat substitute. It’s healthy snacking evening to eat a handful of nuts for television.

Provide enough moisture

A person with early Alzheimer’s must be aware that he or she is drinking enough. Often the incentive to drink less present and when the body emits a signal to drink, that there ever will lose out. At least a half liters per day is also true for Alzheimer’s patients. If this remains a problem, you can choose to eat more often soup with lots of fresh vegetables. Healthy eating which also receives some extra moisture.

Eggs and dairy products

In vegans is Alzheimer slightly more than in the rest of the population. This seems to be due to a deficiency of vitamin B12. This vitamin is found in meat, fish, dairy products and eggs. Occasional egg or a milk product is certainly not bad for you.

Watch out for sugar

Sugar yields little good at. It only allows for quick energy and weight gain. Cake, cookies, cakes and other items that contain a lot of sugar can best minimize food. According to a study published in The New England Journal of Medicine in 2013 were higher glucose levels increase the risk of dementia. Sugar rich food was already previously been associated with a smaller hippocampus. To express the coarse and simplistic: too much sugar makes you fat and stupid.

Still feel like snacking? Opt for dark chocolate. Here is flavonol in what has cerebral protective properties. You get to a healthy diet enough flavonol inside, but it is certainly not just unhealthy.

herbs hanging isolated on white. food ingredients

herbs hanging isolated on white. food ingredients

Be careful with salt

Too much salt is not good for you and if this leads to high blood pressure increases the risk of dementia. In contrast, there are plenty of herbs that have a positive effect:

  • Lemon balm increases the activity of acetylcholine and thus improves brain function.
  • Curcumin (a herb that is in curry) promotes the growth of new nerve cells in the brains.
  • Also, sage, cinnamon, and ginger could have a positive effect in the case of dementia. The reason for this has not been found yet.

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