Selection criteria for choosing cook tops

Size of the cooking plate

The Standard installation


Hob “standard” has the following mounting dimensions: 56cm wide by 49 cm deep. This allows to easily change the cook top without having to resize its work plan; which may be costly in the case of granite for example.

This installation corresponds to tables 60 cm wide or 65 cm (glass is just wider). These tables have 3 or 4 homes.

The very wide tables

There are two types of full-width tables: those in the standard depth (49cm) and “shallow” (35 to 42 cm).

  • The first are 4 homes on 80 cm wide, or 5 (or 6) on 90 cm centers.
  • Second, because of their shallow depth, are either 3 homes to 90 cm wide, 4 homes for 90 cm, 100 cm wide view.

Distinction between different homes induction

Simple homes


Simple homes correspond to the circular areas (99% of cases) on which one poses its containers.

They are of multiple sizes. The most important thing to know when we want to choose a induction table is that in general, the electromagnetic contact between the inductor of the table and your container is done in the best conditions, the base of the size of your container must be within a range of a centimeter (plus or minus) about the size of the inductor.

Eg: if you have a large home of 28 cm, your container should be at maximum 30 cm wide to optimize contact and thus the power of the area.

Tables with combinable areas

Very practical, it is actually a function of the table that connects two homes to create a large area that can accommodate long containers, such as for example fishmongers. So you control your two areas as one, much easier to resolve.

There are a lot of marketing on the technologies used on these dual areas. Everyone has their own innovation … This should not be a criterion of choice. All two areas are effective.

Cooking Special Features


Common function

Today, all tables offer the booster function (or boost, or power), and timer.

Contrary to what may have thought, the booster is 1.5 times or two times stronger than the maximum level of the table.

Ex: If your power levels are graded from 1 to 9, the booster is roughly 15 and not 10. Keep in mind that this power is used exclusively to boil quickly.

Each home has a booster. The table will force some households to power down. This is not a defect. 3 or 4 pans of water we will not boil at the same time

The timer is both simple and convenient because it will work as for the oven. Configuring cooking, cooking time, when the time elapses, the hob switches off.

The choice of security features

The most important feature is the safety lock: the lock table commands. It is present on all serious market tables.

Automatic termination occurs when removing the container table after cooking. If you forget to turn off the table, which is more common than believed, it will automatically turn off after two to three minutes.


There are also functions such as overheating protection, overfill safety.

The choice of comfort functions

The combined area I mentioned earlier is a comfort.

There are also automatic functions: auto heat, melt, hot holding, grill…

These have preprogrammed temperatures which are maintained throughout the cooking. Allied to the timer, you get a really pleasant wearing comfort.

About the induction on market

The price of tables

The price of the induction table democratizes during the past ten years.

The overall range is from about € 300 to over € 5,000. But the bulk of the supply is between € 600 and € 1,500.

When you are looking for an induction hob, attention to attractive promotional offers on brands supposedly quality: trust contracts are trademarks of risk and never last more than 5 years.

So what is the best induction hob?


Without question, the best value in induction hob is NOVY. The tables are all guaranteed for 5 years, they are manufactured in France (Ardennes) with a set price. One could blame them for their lack of power, but it is more than enough.

What’s funny is that Novy is the specialist domestic hood. However, NOVY tables provide a feature all great and simply single market: the IN TOUCH function, the ability to order directly via its hood on the induction table. No need to have remote control, no need to leave fingerprints full hood. Novy again pushed a little further since with the concept model Novy One, the hood is now directly integrated into the induction hob.


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