You are happy that your child choose tennis to improve health condition. When your child starts playing tennis, and until he/she reaches a sufficient level, he/she requires specific racket to play. These tennis accessories are not optional because they enable better learning of the sport. The child tennis racket is one of the first items to be provided to enable your child to play properly. Weight and length are features to consider when making your purchase.



When a child learns to play tennis, he/she needs to have equipment suited to his/her game and also his/her size. Does training with adults’ materials, indeed, causes many problems: Increase the risk of injury and learning proper techniques is longer. It is therefore important to know how to choose the tennis racket child most effectively for your child, as it will be necessary to procure tennis shoes and appropriate accessories.

Too small racket, for example, will likely slow the learning progress of your child. Too long racket, in turn, will force him to put his hands inappropriately when playing tennis. Finally, too heavy racket will tire and prevent it from being effective throughout his training. So here we offer tips for choosing the best racket for your child.



To choose the ideal length of the tennis racket for your child, you can start by making this little experiment. Ask your child to stand with the racket in the hand and the arm along the body. The tip is the paddle must not touch the ground but arrive at the ankles.

There are defined lengths to help you choose according to the size of your child. If it is less than 92 cm, use a child tennis racket 43 cm maximum. That measurement between 92 cm and 1 meter will be comfortable with a racket of 46 cm, making those between 1 and 1.10 m choose those of 49 cm. 53 cm rackets will be bought for children making between 1.10 and 1.20 meters, 58 cm for those of children whose measure size between 1.20 and 1.30 meters. Finally between 1.30 and 1.50 meters, you will opt for rackets 63 or 66 cm. In addition, tennis rackets 68 cm or more depends on your requirements. Children grow up fast, so it is necessary to regularly change their tennis rackets.

The weight and balance are also important components. You must ensure that the child tennis racket is not too heavy and its balance is focused on the center. The latter will be, in fact, more efficient in terms of play for a child begins playing tennis.


A brand aluminum racket (Head, Babolat Tecnifibre Wilson …) costs around 20-30 Euros depending on the size. a composite racket, it will turn around 40-60 Euros and a graphite racket, cost around 55 (for a size 25 ‘) to 120 Euros for a 245g racket adult size.

Do not hesitate to look for bargains in store or on the Internet because buying a discontinued model can save you up to 50% !!




The child’s tennis racket is not the only element to take into account. Indeed, learning playing tennis will also be taken for grant through the chosen balls, your child’s tennis shoes or accessories will make it a comfortable play.

Tennis accessories for a child may consist of grip and an over-grip to put on the handle of the racket. These will help to absorb some of the sweat of the hand and also bring more comfort by reducing vibration due to the ball.

There are various tennis balls such as soft balls or foam balls. These are suitable for beginners and children because they are slower and have less high rebounds. Foam balls are generally used by toddlers. Very large and slow, they allow them to discover the pleasures of the court to have fun.

As for shoes, the models are proposed for children should offer them a perfect fit, add comfort and extra resistance. It is best to choose shoes designed for the sport.


Among many choices of racket, be careful to make your child match the size, and also technical and physical level.

Finally, go buy the racket with him/her to have a party of choice and especially to make him aware of the value of equipment that you offer.


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