How to choose a dining table for the dining room?

The dining table is an indispensable piece of furniture or fixture of the dining room. This table must be able to comply with all the requirements to host the dinners with friends, small family or maybe some big meals at Thanksgiving or New Year Eve. Because it is an everyday used piece of furniture, the dining room table must be chosen carefully. From classic to sophisticated design, extensible or fixed, more or less, the options are vary, hence asking the right questions during the acquisition of this furniture is importance.


Consider your needs.

To choose the right dining table, the first the question to ask is its use. What is the frequency of the use (one, two or three times a day)? How many people will gather around it every day? Do you organize receptions often? What style you want to install in your home? How much space do you have for this furniture?

When you have already answered these questions, you will have a clearer idea about the type of dining table you want to have. You can then interest in the style of it and its place in your home.

Where to install the table and what size to choose?


The position installation of your dining table depends on the size of the room in which you will place it. If your dining room is fairly spacious, do your table the centerpiece of the room. Lit a chandelier, it will be elegantly highlighted.

In the case of a smaller room or a shared living room / dining room, choose a smaller dining table so that you can move it easily, if the room serves as an office, dining table will depend on your requirements. The choice of a folding table model is also an option.

Your dining room table dimensions are determined by the space available and the number of people who use the dining table regularly. Be sure to leave enough space around it so that the circulation is not affected and able to place chairs.

Select the table material.


If the choice of material is done according to your taste and the overall style of your home, the ideal is that it should be beautiful with or without tablecloth. Anyway, each material has its own favorite styles:

To have sophisticated design and modern appearance, glass is recommended. This material provides a pure side, stripped and stylish for your dining room. The glass table may be etched to more originality. It will however remain hard to find extensible model or glass extension.

Wood is also one of the materials which are used most regularly. Corresponding to all styles, you will find it in many species depends on old and classical decor, rustic, industrial or Scandinavian and contemporary. Models, whether round, square, rectangular or oval are available also with extensions.

There are also tables of stone, including marble, this types is often chosen only if one does not look at all modular furniture because their weight makes them almost impossible to move. The stone is also the type of design brings a strong and authentic element to your decor.

The metal models are also prized for their originality but do not agree with any interior.

Choose the shape of your table.


Meal tables exist in many forms, each of which has its meaning.

A square table, standard size, focuses on the practical and functional side furniture. Its simple aesthetic makes it a suitable table for small spaces. It is recommended for couples because it can be transformed into rectangular table if it has extensions.

A rectangular table is impressive and gives a more compact printer but it allows you to organize large tables (family or guests). This model makes it a very popular table for versatility.

A round or oval table evokes conviviality and the desire to communicate. Indeed for this model, discussions and sharing are facilitated because no one is found placed at the “end table”.

There are also more original forms of tables: octagonal or half moon, for example.

Anyway, the dining room tables are sometimes extensions through modular and feature options such as turntables or integrated drawers.

Finally, to accompany your table, be sure to find the suitable chairs that will fit in perfect harmony with yours while ensuring optimum comfort furniture.

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