How to Prevent of Back Pain for Office Staffs

Specific characteristics of office staffs’ job are often sedentary, although not using too much power, but with high intensity work, great work pressure, plus the negative impact of air conditioners, computers and so on. These cause common diseases and especially back pain. How to prevent back pain for office staffs is what many women need to know.

Prevent of Back Pain


Sit in right posture

Sitting reasonable posture will minimize the risk of back pain. You must ensure that the seats fit and has best quality. You should choose the type of seat which can be adjusted and rotate. The best posture is to pull the seat near the desk and adjust the height to match with your elbow and hip. Knees should be compared with the back of a 90-degree angle.

Your forearms should be parallel to or lower than the table (if you use a desktop computer). The feet should put on the ground.

Adjust your back

When sitting, you should adjust back to stick to the chair and can lean onto the chair when you feel too tired. However, when typing, you should not abuse leaning onto the back, you need to sit upright when typing.

Sitting position

Sit straight and face the computer. Ensure your vision away from the screen at least one arm. The upper part of the screen is situated above your vision.

Do not leave belongings in front of computer

When using a computer, you absolutely cannot put text or anything before the screen to work. This will greatly affect your vision.

Have the brightest screen

You need to adjust the brightness of the screen to adapt with your vision and eliminate the reflection of light. Computers should be placed in areas where there is not too strong light.

Don’t sit too long in front of computer

After 30 minutes of sitting before the screen, you should relax by standing up, walking or doing some gentle exercises to relieve back pain and feel more comfortable.

Use shortcuts in computer

You should learn to use a lot of keyboard shortcuts to work faster and more efficiently throughout the day as needed to stay. Using keyboard shortcuts will help you reduce typing tasks, which make you reduce back pain

Avoid stress by using phone

If you have a lot of phone calls every day, use a connected headset. Holding the phone between shoulder and neck continually can make muscle tension in the neck.

Take a rest

Just after 2-3 hours of work, the rest for about 10 minutes improves blood circulation in the body. You can go back a bit in the 10 minute break. If you have got back pain, you can lie off; back pain symptoms will decrease visibly.

Choose appropriate shoes

If the job requires you always have to move or stand, please choose flat shoes that are comfortable and upright, balancing two legs to improve blood circulation.

Above tips can help reduce back pain for officer easily and effectively, not only that you can also avoid some common diseases in the office.

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